About Us

Founded by two sisters in 2006, The White Room is a local female owned company. The White Room embraces environmentally responsible practices. Mindful of the environment we recycle all plastic, glass, and cardboard in all of our venue locations. We educate our staff on the importance of recycling to prevent the waste of useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, and reduce energy usage, air pollution and water pollution.  At the White Room we have incorporated highly efficient appliances, green cleaning products, LED lighting, recycling programs, tankless water heaters, and eco friendly to-go products.  As well as banning the purchase of Styrofoam products. In house catering, like The White Room versus bringing in a caterer to a venue is less of an impact on disposable waste thereby having a more greener wedding and less of a carbon footprint.  Additionally and of most importance to continue to have fresh seafood in the oceans, our chefs seek out fish that is caught or raised via sustainable, earth-friendly means, and not seafood that is in danger of being overfished.  

Built in 1888, the 1 King Street building housed The Surprise Store, the largest and leading department store on Florida’s East Coast. In 1936, it became the Plaza Hotel and from 1949 to 1986, it was also the home of Potter’s Wax Museum. Today the building is a National Historic landmark. The original rooftop for gatherings and sunbathing at the Plaza Hotel is where The White Room Ballroom is today. During the 2006 remodel of The Ballroom, the original brick walls were discovered behind plaster. When the third floor was renovated in 2008, which is now The Whiteroom’s Loft and Rooftop, the original brick walls were again exposed and the Hart Pine floors were refurbished bringing this unique part of the building back to its 1888 grandeur.


Click here for the history of 1 King Street
Courtesy of the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board


At The White Room we want to make a positive impact and give back to the community who has supported us over the last 13 years. We hope to inspire others TO DO GREAT THINGS and PAY IT FORWARD!


Last year The White Room donated a cocktail hour on the rooftop,  a four course dinner,  silent auction and live entertainment; all complementary raising over $155,000 to be donated directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


This year we’ve added Alpha Omega Miracle home to our donation list.  They provide housing, counseling and education for the new faces of homelessness – single mothers, their children and seniors.  In 2014 they provided 10,500 safe bed nights to homeless mothers and seniors.  It truly is a great cause local to St. Augustine.


Additionally, The White Room fulfills Christmas Lists for the children living at St. Augustine’s Homeless Coalition. We have so much fun shopping for the boys and girls and wrapping them in festive holiday paper.  Giving these children a Magical Christmas is what the Holiday Season is all about.


Also, at the beginning of every school year The White Room purchases brand new book bags for local school children.


The White Room has committed to donating $25,000 to the St Johns County Council on Aging, helping to maintain programs and services for the elders in our community.